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SARC Seminar August 16-20, 2009

The 11th Annual Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre Seminar will focus on Shakespeare and Religion – with special attention devoted to the role of religion in shaping the events that led to the instability – and ultimate demise – of the Tudor regime. Explore the issue in depth in the new Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre on the Concordia University campus in Portland, OR from August 16 – 21. The cost is $495. Register on-line at

Recommended readings by writers who maintain that Shakespeare was Roman Catholic, Anglican, or atheistic are featured on the SARC website and are recommended (but not required) pre-seminar reading:
Joseph Pearce’s The Quest for Shakespeare: The Bard of Avon and the Church of Rome (2008) – an argument that Shakespeare, in his writing and his personal convictions, was intensely Roman Catholic;
Daniel Wright’s The Anglican Shakespeare: Elizabethan Orthodoxy in the Great Histories (1993) – an argument that Shakespeare, apart from his perhaps-unknowable personal convictions, wrote as a partisan of the Church of England;
Eric Mallin’s Godless Shakespeare (2007) – an argument that Shakespeare was a writer of evolving religious sensibilities who began his career as a religious sceptic but matured as an atheist, liberated by unbelief.

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