Caldwell Titcomb on Watertown

Lori DiLiddo and her Watertown gang got a beautiful review of their May 31 symposium, “Who Wrote Shakespeare” by self-confessed, former Oxfordian Caldwell Titcomb writing for The Art Fuse blog — this according to Watertown presenter Marie Merkel who commented on the site in response to Titcomb’s remarks:

Re: Jonson’s prefatory encomium: Oxfordians have given this poem, and Jonson’s role in the First Folio no small amount of scrutiny, so I will, indeed, be building on this body of research in my book. A brief synopsis of my case will appear in the Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter in Sept. ‘09.

Bill Boyle will report on the Watertown seminar in the September 2009 SOS newsletter. See a preview at Boyle’s The Lone Oxfordian blog at:

To subscribe to the Shakespeare Oxford Society newsletter, join the SOS.  Application information is available online at:

Information on Merkel’s other book, The First Mousetrap: Titus Andronicus and the Tudor Massacre of the Howards, is available online at:

Caldwell Titcomb, The Art Fuse:

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