Pugmire says Anderson is an amateur

There is an ongoing discussion topic of Edward de Vere on Amazon’s Shakespeare Community forum that began last October and has regular current postings. On March 26 Roger Stritmatter posted a brilliant commentary on the discussion. On May 3 W.H. Pugmire said, “Compared to the magnificent and fact-filled biography of Oxford, Alan H. Nelson’s MONSTROUS ADVERSARY, Anderson’s clueless book is the work of an amateur.” — a comment I found monstrously amusing. He’s talking about Mark Anderson’s Shakespeare by Another Name! Pugmire should talk to Nina Green about Alan Nelson.

Amazon’s Edward de Vere topic:

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  • Wilum Pugmire  On June 16, 2009 at 8:04 PM

    I want to be educated on this, naturally. What I objected to in Anderson’s awful book is that, so it seemed to me (and I confess I merely listened to the audio edition rather than carefully reading the printed book), all of his connections that tied Oxford to the works is invention, none of it is factual. This is also a weak point of most of the Stratfordian “biographies” of Shakespeare — they paint pictures of guess-work but have so few solid biographical facts. I was extremely impressed with Nelson’s book, which seemed extremely fair-minded and factual. But I would like to know the criticism regarding it and its author — if such has any relevance rather than being merely more catty Oxfordfian wank.

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