Shakespeare festival in Concord Massachusetts July 31-August 2, 2009

Shakespeare lovers and members of the Shakespeare Fellowship in Concord, Massachusettes will hold their second annual Shakespeare Festival July 31 – August 2, 2009 at the Concord Free Public Library, 129 Main Street; and Masonic Temple, 58 Monument Square in Concord. Donations are accepted to support the event and information is available at their website:

This year’s theme is “Much Ado about Shakespeare: Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Publication of the Sonnets”. The program includes:
a eurythmic performance of Shakespeare’s sonnets and songs,
Joseph Eldredge performing An Uncommon Nobel Tells All wherein Oxord’s seventeenth earl talks with Lady Mary (Sydney) Wroth,
Dick Desper presenting “Who Are You?” a talk about Shakespearean authorship,
Robert Horner’s “Shakespeare’s Women: Why do they have to die?”,
Charles Boyle, Bill Boyle and John Sterling Walker on Richard II,
Richard Kotlarz’s “Shakespeare: the Monetary Backdrop”,
David Conte’s “Three Shakespeare Songs by Ralph Vaughn Williams”,
Brian Luedluff’s “Shakespeare in a Tarnhelm”
and other offerings in the entire program available online at

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