Paul Blair — goodbye to an Oxfordian friend

Derran Charleton reported to SOS on the death of Oxfordian Paul Blair in California:

It is with deep regret that I report the death of the eminent Oxfordian Paul Blair of Pasadena, CA., who died at his home, aged 94 on the 24th June, 2009.

Having enjoyed a small meal, Paul lay down for a short nap; and gently passed from nature to eternity.

His warm hospitality in Pasadena and where ever he happened to be, with any of his friends, both sides of the Atlantic, was unbounded. He was a brilliant Beverly Hills and Pasadena lawyer, an avid Oxfordian, and a darling most generous man.

I first met Paul over twenty years ago, when he kindly invited me to his home in Pasadena to confer de Vere, and study at the nearby Huntington Library. On later visits he kindly introduced me to Carol Sue Lipman, President of the Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable, where I was privileged to present several Oxfordian talks.

I particularly recall visiting and talking Oxford at an annual weekend Vaquero Exhibition held on Paul`s ranch near Santa Barbara. Incidentally, Paul`s ranch was situated next to the ranches of President Reagan and Michael Jackson.

During his visits to England, Paul delighted in visiting Castle Hedingham and environs, beautiful York (the city of the centuries), and Scotland, the land of his ancestors.

When I recently stayed at the home of Verily Anderson together with Paul`s daughter Heather and her husband Michael, and many of Paul`s English friends, we raised our hearts and glasses in happy memories of Paul.

Paul is succeeded by his daughter Heather, and his sons Duncan and Ian. We all miss Paul, and will never forget his many Oxfordian endeavors.

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