Daily Archives: September 9, 2009

Cecil papers online

Oxfordian researcher Nina Green reports that the Calendar of Cecil Papers is now online at British History Online at:

“This online Calendar is a really valuable resource,” Green said. “There are many documents at Hatfield House which few Oxfordians apart from B.M. Ward have ever seen, and having a summary of each document online in this Calendar makes it easy for us to identify which documents concern Oxford, and order copies of them.”

Green recommends sending complete information when ordering materials.

“When ordering copies of documents from Hatfield House identified through the Calendar at British History Online, it might be a good idea to cut and paste the entire entry for the document, so that Hatfield House can identify which one is wanted,” Green said.

Update 2/16/10:
Readers may contact Nina Green at <mailto:devere@telus.net>.

Cranks strike nerve in London

The Times of London literary wizard and former investment banker, Oliver Kamm, waved his magic wand and said, “Cranks, begone!” in yesterday’s furious response to anti-Stratfordian commentary:

Kamm seemed to be under the mistaken impression that this blog sent John Shahan, Ramon Jimenez and other anti-Strats over to London just to bug him:

While the blogger from the Shakespeare-Oxford Society is right to describe me as a Times columnist and former banker, he’s not right to term his associates Shahan and Jimenez “authorship experts”, for their idée fixe has nothing in common with genuine intellectual inquiry and is not a field of expertise.

Kamm clearly doesn’t know Shahan and Jimenez — or, sad to say, much about the status of the authorship query.