Stephanie Hughes searches for the meaning of Oxford


When Oxfordians express the desire for a smoking gun I have to smile.

What would you call the six pathetic signatures?
What about Jonson’s Sogliardo?
What about Thomas Kynvett’s phrase, “that shadow of thine”?
What about the University Wits who all strangely disappeared just when Oxford lost Fisher’s Folly and Marlowe was assassinated?

Point being, we have dozens of smoking guns and have had for decades. What we don’t have so far is a believable scenario that ties all these things, and scores more, into a story, one that replaces the drunken pederastic murderer of the historians with the troubled, gifted artist who wrote the great Shakespeare canon, struggling to play two mutually exclusive roles at the same time, Lord Great Chamberlain and Renaissance artist.


Note also an interesting comment from Earl Showerman at

I’m gradually adding material to help support my scenario for the 1580s. Just added: a little history on the theater district where Oxford lived during that time, plus a map of the area:

Thanks as always for your interest, questions, and comments.

Stephanie Hughes

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  • Bruce  On September 27, 2009 at 7:25 AM

    “Point being, we have dozens of smoking guns and have had for decades.”

    We have guns? Maybe. But are they really smoking? I very much doubt it.

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