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Concordia Conference April 8-11, 2010

Prof Daniel Wright, Ph.D
Director, The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre
Concordia University
Portland, OR 97211-6099



Although it may seem somewhat premature, I thought, as the conference agenda for April has been finalized and proposals /submissions are now closed, that I would share with you the 18 distinguished presenters who will be speaking .

This year, at the 14th Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference, we will hear from:
Dr Bruce E. R. Thompson of the California State University at San Marcos;
D. Claudia Thompson of the University of Wyoming;
Dorna Bewley of Cambridge, England;
Dr Paul Nicholson, Executive Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival;
Prof Michael Delahoyde of Washington State University (Scholarship Award recipient);
Prof Ren Draya of Blackburn College in Illinois;
Stephanie Hughes, former Editor of The Oxfordian (Scholarship Award recipient);
Chris Coleman, Artistic Director of Portland Center Stage (Arts Award recipient);
Dr Peter McIntosh, a senior scientist of the Forest
Practices Authority in Hobart, Tasmania;
Dr Earl Showerman, retired physician from Jacksonville, Oregon;
Richard Whalen, author and editor from Truro, Massachusetts;
Prof Kevin Simpson of Concordia University;
Hank Whittemore, author and actor from Upper Nyack, New York;
Bonner Cutting, independent researcher from Houston, Texas;
Bill Boyle, editor and librarian from Boston, Massachusetts;
Krystal Rapp of Concordia University;
Luis Garcia, attorney;
Charles Boyle;
Kevin Gilvary;
Eddi Jolly;
and myself.

We also will feature several panels that will focus on Shakespeare and Politics – with particular attention to what the Shakespeare canon says about the Queen, royal government, and Elizabethan/Stuart politics in general. Additionally, we will see a film entitled The Marlowe Inquest. Tours of the new Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre will also be offered during the conference.

I hope to see all of you at the conference from April 8 -11, 2010 (the conference will convene at 7:00pm on Thursday, April 8 and close at 3:30 on Sunday, April 11). Registration for the four-day conference (inclusive of the always-stellar Saturday night awards banquet which will be celebrated in the SARC and George White Library on the Concordia campus) is $265. Checks should be made out to The Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference; they can be mailed to my attention at The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre, Concordia University, 2811 NE Holman, Portland, OR 97211-6099.

Prof Daniel Wright, Ph.D
Director, The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre
Concordia University
Portland, OR 97211-6099