Houston banquet and snaps

Stevens Oxfordian of the Year
The Shakespeare Oxford Society and the Shakespeare Fellowship named US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Oxfordian of the Year at their annual, joint-conference, awards banquet held November 8, 2009 in Houston, Texas. A delegation from both organizations will present the award to Justice Stevens on November 12 at the US Supreme Court Marshall’s Office. Justice Stevens was recognized for his courage in supporting the candidacy of Edward de Vere as the author of the Shakespeare canon in a April 18, 2009 Wall Street Journal article, “Justice Stevens renders an opinion on who wrote Shakespeare’s Plays”.

Virginia Renner and Bonner Cutting, Houston 2009

Ginger Renner given Oxfordian Recognition
Virginia Renner of Los Angeles, California was presented with a crystal vase as an Oxfordian Recognition Award, at the banquet. Conference chairperson Bonner Miller Cutting said: “Ginger has been for so many years a dear friend to everybody. Because she is a librarian she has helped us get acces at the Huntington Library. She worked with John Shahan to put together the Declaration of Reasonable doubt.”

Thanks to Bonner Miller Cutting
Bonner Miller Cutting also received an award of her own, a miniature crystal book keepsake, in recognition of her work as organizer of the Houston conference.

2010 SF/SOS Conference Sept. 16-19
Incoming Shakespeare Fellowship President Earl Showerman invited guests to attend next year’s SF/SOS Joint Conference on September 16-19, 2010 at the Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland, Oregon. Attendees with have the opportunity to attend three plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.


Ebru Gokdag, Houston 2009

Ebru Gokdag traveled from Turkey to present a paper she completed while doing graduate work at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, ” Easing Elizabethans’ Turkophobia through Othello” She currently works on Theater of the Oppressed and has written a play on female circumcison. Contact her at egokdag@anadolu.edu.tr.


Felicia Londre & Kathryn Sharpe, Houston

Felicia Londre, PhD, is Curators’ Professor of Theatre at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, co-founder of Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and dramaturg for Nebraska Shakespeare Festival. She has presented her Shakespeare authorship lecture in Washington DC, Hawaii, Hungary, Hawaii, Tokyo, and Beijing. During her Oxfordian roundtable presentation this weekend with John Shahan and Robin Fox, she said, “People believe what they want to believe so we have to find ways to change the DESIRE to believe!” contact her at londref@umkc.edu


Bill Boyle and Hank Whittemore, Houston 2009

Bill Boyle has been working on his New England Shakespeare Oxford Library and a project he created called SOAR:
“. . . SOAR (Shakespeare Online Authorship Resources) is a catalog/database of selected newsletter, journal and book articles and essays relating to the Shakespeare Authorship Question. The catalog also includes Shakespeare authorship-related articles and essays first published on various websites on the Internet, and a number of entries for online versions of original manuscripts, letters and other documents relating to the Shakespeare authorship question in general, Shakespeare texts and studies, and Elizabethan literature, politics and history.

To access SOAR, go to http://opac.libraryworld.com/cgi-bin/opac.pl?command=signin&libraryname=SOAR, click on SOAR and go to an open access, data base of catalogued records that Boyle created and will expand.

Keir Cutler in "Is Shakespeare Dead?", Houston 2009

The year of the one-man show
Hank Whittemore presented his one-man show, “Shakespeare’s Treason” and Keir Cutler presented his one-man show “Is Shakespeare Dead?” at this year’s conference. Contact Whittemore at hankw@optonline.net. Cutler is at Keir2004@yahoo.ca.

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  • Marie Merkel  On November 11, 2009 at 12:33 PM

    I just love this quote, from Felicia Londre:

    “People believe what they want to believe so we have to find ways to change the DESIRE to believe!”

    “Mr. William Shakespeare” is an idol, and most of us, through loyalty, habit, fear or love, are very protective of our idols.

    I say, leave him alone.

    Edward Oxenford (as he signed himself) left us a life story of mythic proportions. Orphan, wanderer, warrior, martyr: once you know his story by heart, you can begin enchanting others with it. That’s where I start. Not with saying, “he was Hamlet”, or “he put himself in Hamlet” but “here’s why the earl of Oxford would have really understood Hamlet”.

    Lead the horse to the water…

    Seeing the photos makes me doubly sorry to have missed this year’s conference. Thanks, Linda, for the snapshot view.

    Marie Merkel

  • Marie Travis  On November 14, 2009 at 4:28 AM

    Hi Linda–Where can we find info on the 2010 Conference in Ashland? Thank you. Enjoyed meeting you in Houston. Sincerely, Marie & Ed Travis

  • RICHARD DuBRUL  On November 25, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    I’d like to be contacted by Oxfordians who think Shakespeare knew nothing about archery, bowls, tennis, or hawking.

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