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Oxfordian journal update from M. Egan

The Oxfordian update from Editor Michael Egan

The Oxfordian: Annual Journal of the Shakespeare Oxford Society invites applicants for the following positions:

  • The book-reviews editor keeps an eye on the publishing world (online and off) through 2010, secures Shakespearean and English-Renaisance books to be reviewed, identifies and corresponds with reviewers, and makes sure edited copy comes in on time.
  • The year’s-work-in-attribution-studies editor reviews books and articles of specific interest to Oxfordian readers and writes a column for the next issue of The Oxfordian.
  • Oxford-and-Oxfordians-in-the-news editor keeps a running record throughout the year of news items and developments and writes up a survey for the next issue of The Oxfordian.

Anyone who is interested in these non-paid positions may contact The Oxfordian Editor Michael Egan at drmichaelegan@comcast.net.

Deadline for the next issue of The Oxfordian is June 30, 2010. To submit articles please follow these guidelines:

  • Submit Microsoft Word files.
  • Submit by email to drmichaelegan@comcast.net.
  • Use Modern Language Association reference system and format all additional comments as end-notes.
  • Graphics are welcome.
  • Play references should follow the style: I ii. 3.

Shakespeare Oxford Society members receive a copy of The Oxfordian as a benefit of membership. Join online at: http://www.goestores.com/catalog.aspx?Merchant=shakespeareoxfordsociety&DeptID=27020

Non-members of the Shakespeare Oxford Society may order a copy of the latest issue by sending a request for The Oxfordian/11 (2009) The Annual Journal of the Shakespeare Oxford Society to: Shakespeare Oxford Society, P.O. Box 808, Yorktown Heights, NY, 10598-0808. Enclose a check for a total of $24.95. ($20 plus $4.95 shipping via USPS Priority Mail)

Back issues of SOS publications may be ordered online at: http://www.goestores.com/catalog.aspx?StoreName=shakespeareoxfordsociety&DeptID=49368

The Oxfordian/11 contents

Open Forum:

David Kathman: Shakespeare Wrote Shakespeare

Peter Farey: Why Marlowe Didn’t Die in 1593

Ramon Jimenez: De Vere Revisited

John Hudson: Amelia Lanier Wrote the Plays

John Raithel: The Case for William Stanley

Stephanie Hopkins Hughes: An Oxfordian Response


Robin Fox on Elizabethan Grammar Schools

Earl Showerman on Shakespeare and Sophocles

Frank Davis on Greene’s Groatsworth

Michael Egan replies to MacDonald P. Jackson

John Shahan and Richard Whalen answer Elliot and Valenza