Minerva’s Voyage out now

Minerva's Voyage by Lynne Kositsky

Shakespearean scholar Lynne Kositsky reports that her young adult novel, Minerva’s Voyage inspired by the William Strachey account of the voyage of the Sea Venture is available at Amazon.ca and in Canadian bookstores and will be soon available at Amazon.com.

Kositsky said:

Minerva’s Voyage is a blackly comedic take on the voyage of the Sea Venture in 1609 for ages 10-15. It contains Minerva Britanna emblems and secret codes to be solved by young readers. Names of voyagers and ship have been changed, however, to protect the guilty, and the novel veers off the Strachey track when the young protagonists reach the mysterious Isle of Devils. The novel would make a great gift for teens, or grownups who want something a little rib-tickling to read.

Synopsis of the plot of Minerva’s Voyage:
Robin Starveling, aka Noah Vaile, is scooped off the streets of seventeenth century Bristol, and dragged on board a ship bound for Virginia by the murderous William Thatcher, who needs a servant with no past and no future to aid him in a nefarious plot to steal gold. Starveling fits the bill perfectly since he lives nowhere and has no parents. Aboard the ship, Starveling makes friends with a young cabin boy, Peter Fence. Together the two boys suffer through a frightening hurricane and are shipwrecked on the mysterious Isle of Devils. They solve the ciphers embedded in emblems found in Thatcher’s sea chest, which has washed up with the wreck, then make their way through gloomy forests and tortuous labyrinths to a cave on the shore that houses a wizard-like old man. Beset by danger and villainy on every side, they finally discover the old man’s identity and unearth a treasure that is much rarer and finer than gold.

Lynne Kositsky is an award-winning poet and the author of several novels in Penguin’s Our Canadian Girl Series, including Rachel: A Mighty Big Imagining, which won the White Raven Award. Lynne’s fiction has been nominated for the Geoffrey Bilson, White Pine, Golden Oak and Hackmatack Awards, and in 2006 she won the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Youth for The Thought of High Windows. She lives in Vineland, Ontario with her husband Michael, a composer, and her two shelties, who provided the template for Tempest, the doggy character in Minerva’s Voyage.

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