Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

Egan announces new collected works initiative

The Shakespeare Oxford Society’s The Oxfordian editor, Dr. Michael Egan, will edit a new collected works of Shakespeare from the authorship perspective to be published by Edwin Mellen Press — a self-described, non-subsidy publisher of scholarly books headquartered in Lewistown, New York.

“Individual editors will be assigned to each play or group of plays with the intention of publishing them in the context of their earlier and/or relater versions,” Egan said. “Thus, for example, The Contention, The True Tragedy and the Henry VI plays will be published as a group. King Leir will be published alongside the two versions of King Lear, and so on. The point is not to prove that Oxford wrote the plays but to examine the question more objectively. Introductions and notes touching on the authorship and dating issues will be encouraged.”

Egan intends the edition for colleges and teachers who are interested in teaching Shakespeare from reliable texts and in pursuing the authorship question. He said the work may eventually include multiple volumes.

“Oxfordians are invited to propose themselves or others as editors,” Egan said. “Please specify the play you are interested in editing and briefly outline your qualifications for doing so. Author contracts will be assigned strictly on merit. I’m interested only in producing a quality product.”

Submissions may be sent to Michael Egan at <mailto:drmichaelegan@comcast.net>, or 2121 Southern Star Loop, Las Cruces NM 88011.