SOS newsletter out, editor sought

The December 2009 issue of the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter is being printed and will be mailed next week. This issue was delayed one month so that we could include coverage of the November 2009 Shakespeare Fellowship/Shakespeare Oxford Society Conference in Houston, Texas.

Highlights of this issue of the newsletter include:

  • SOS Vice-president Richard Joyrich’s extensive report on the Houston conference,
  • a fascinating article on “Rowe’s Shakespeare Biography” by Frank Davis
  • an article on “The Two Shakespeares” — the Stratford monument and the First Folio frontispiece – by SOS President John Hamill,
  • and a comprehensive financial report by SOS Treasurer Susan Grimes Width.

To support this important outreach of the Shakespeare Oxford Society, please become a member of SOS. You may join the organization online at:

The March 2010 issue of the newsletter is currently underway. Once the March issue is published, I will step down as the SOS newsletter editor in order to concentrate on administering the organization’s Internet news site in this space, the Shakespeare Oxford Society News Online. If you have any questions or comments about online coverage, please contact me: Linda Theil at <>.

SOS Second Vice-president for Publications and Public Relations Matthew Cossolotto is accepting applications and suggestions for the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter editor position now. Please address correspondence to him at <> or write him at the SOS office at PO Box 808, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-0808. The office may be reached by telephone at 914-962-1717.

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