Tempest research hotlinks

Roger Stritmatter and Lynne Kositsky have produced a new website — Shakespeare’s Tempest — to chronicle the production of a book they are writing that will feature their research on The Tempest.

Stritmatter said:

On this  website, you can track the progress of this project. Once the book is published, this site will publish regular updates, including reviews and promotional literature. And the (research) articles themselves — as time and permissions permit — will be directly available on the site, along with copious background material useful to student, scholar, and actor alike.

Three articles have recently been added to the site. Click on this shakespearestempest page for hotlinks to these articles:

  • “Pale as Death: The Fictionalizing Influence of Erasmus’ ‘Naufragium’ on the Renaissance Travel Narrative.” Festschrift in Honor of Isabel Holden,  fall 2008, Concordia University, 141-151.
  • The Spanish Maze and the Date of The Tempest.”  The Oxfordian, fall 2007, 1-11.
  • “Shakespeare and the Voyagers Revisited.”  The Review of English Studies, September, 2007 (published online June, 2007), 447-472.

Stritmatter said a newly published article on The Tempest titled, “A Movable Feast: The Tempest as Shrovetide Revelry,” is slated to appear in the March 2010 edition of Shakespeare Yearbook.

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  • hopkinshughes  On February 9, 2010 at 8:20 PM

    Great! I’ll link to it from politicworm and comment from there. Always with enthusiasm for a sterling effort.


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