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Ashland SF/SOS conference registration

Shakespeare Fellowship President Earl Showerman sent an update on the Shakespeare Fellowship/Shakespeare Oxford Society Annual Conference to be held September 16-19 , 2010 in Ashland, Oregon. Showerman said:

We plan to have a Saturday afternoon program open to the general public again –

  • this time with Robin Nordli’s Bard Babes,
  • Keir Cutler’s Is Shakespeare Dead?
  • and live Renaissance  music by Mignarda.
  • Also that afternoon the session will close with a signing of the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt.

This will be an outstanding conference, no doubt, and I hope we can attract double our usual numbers.

Conference Update: Ashland Authorship Conference, September 16-19, 2010, Ashland Springs Hotel and Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Register online at the Shakespeare Oxford Society’s  SF/SOS Annual Conference — Sept. 16-19, 2010 in Ashland, Oregon online registration site:

The sixth annual joint authorship conference of the Shakespeare Fellowship and the Shakespeare Oxford Society will take place in Ashland, Oregon from September 16-19, 2010. This year the conference will focus on the plays in production at the Tony Award winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Group tickets have been secured for the conference for three productions at OSF: The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet and 1 Henry IV.

The conference will convene at the Ashland Springs Hotel.  Already a number of outstanding scholars, authors and theatre professionals have committed to presenting at Ashland, including Professors Daniel Wright, Felicia Londre, Ren Draya, Roger Stritmatter, and Chris Duval. Oregon Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director Bill Rauch and Executive Director Paul Nicholson will both address the conference, and Robin Goodrin-Nordli will perform her comedic Shakespeare heroine composite, Bard Babes. Keir Cutler will present his wonderfully satiric production, Is Shakespeare Dead? and award-winning musicians Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart, who produced My Lord of Oxenford’s Masque, will also perform their music during the authorship conference.

Other presenters will include OSF’s James Newcomb, Tom Regnier on Hamlet’s law,  Bonner Cutting on Shakspere’s Will, Bill Farina and Tom Hunter on The Merchant of Venice, Michael Cecil on Lord Burghley, plus Hank Whittemore, John Hamill, Paul Altrocchi, Richard Whalen, Frank Davis, Katherine Chiljan, Ramon Jimenez, Earl Showerman  John Shahan, Marie Merkel, Sam Saunders, William Ray and Cheryl Eagan-Donovan. The conference will feature panel discussions with OSF actors after  each show and include a signing ceremony of the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt.

Proposals for papers

Proposals for conference papers are being accepted until June 15, 2010. The sponsoring organizations are both dedicated to academic excellence, and guidelines for presentation of papers for the joint conferences are posted on the websites of the Shakespeare Fellowship and the Shakespeare Oxford Society. First-time presenters should consult these guidelines before submitting a proposal. Paper proposals should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words and brief biography. Preference for the 2010 conference will be given to papers which address the authorship question in relation to the Shakespeare plays in production at OSF. To submit a paper, contact Bonner Cutting, John Hamill or Earl Showerman. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2010.

Ashland Authorship Conference registration is $200 and includes all sessions at the Ashland Springs Hotel, an invitation to the opening reception, buffet lunches and the conference awards banquet.  Daily registrations are also available for $50 per day. On-line registration may be secured through the websites of the sponsoring organizations. Registration by personal check made out to the Ashland Authorship Conference is now available and should be mailed to the: Ashland Authorship Conference, 7498 Upper Applegate Road, Jacksonville, OR 97530

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Productions

100 tickets have been reserved for the Ashland Authorship Conference for each of these three productions: The Merchant of Venice (9/16), Hamlet (9/17)and 1 Henry IV (9/18).

Registrants to the conference may order up to two tickets per production with their conference registration. Additional tickets may be available, but only by special request of the program committee. Group Ticket prices are $65 each.  The conference group ticket order will be closed on August 20, 2010.  Orders for any tickets after this date will have to be placed directly with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (www.osfashland.org , Box Office: 541-482-4331).  Other plays in production at OSF during the conference include Twelfth Night, Throne of Blood, Ruined, American Night, and the musical, She Loves Me.  Other activities at OSF include daily backstage tours and an exhibit of Paul Allen’s First Folio.

Travel & Lodgings in Ashland

The Rogue Valley – Medford Airport has non-stop connections to Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and is located 15 miles from Ashland. Taxis and Cascade Airport Shuttle (541-488-1998) serve Ashland.

A block of 30 rooms has been reserved for our group at the Ashland Springs Hotel (www.ashlandspringshotel.com , Reservations: 888-795-4545).  The room rate for the conference block is $149/night.  The Ashland Springs Hotel is located only one-half block from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival theaters. There are a number of other comparable and less expensive lodgings available in Ashland within 3-4 blocks of OSF.  These include:

A number of Bed and Breakfast establishments in Ashland with comparable room rates are also within walking distance of the Ashland Springs and theatres.  These include: Winchester House, Anne Hathaway’s B&B, A Cowslips Belle, Ashland Creek Inn, Chanticleer Inn, McCall House, Shrew’s House, Iris Inn, and The Peerless Hotel. For further information consult Ashland’s Bed and Breakfast network (www.abbnet.com).

For further information about the Ashland Authorship Conference, contact Earl Showerman at  541-890-9360 or be email at earlees@charter.net.

Ashland Authorship Conference Registration Form Shakespeare Fellowship/Shakespeare Oxford Society annual conference: September 16-19, 2010, Ashland Springs Hotel – Ashland, Oregon

Register online at:

Or by mail:



City _________________   State_____Zip_________ Country____


Full conference registration includes all daytime lectures and performances for all four days of the conference. Appetizers will be served during our reception of Thursday, Sept. 16 and buffet lunches will be provided on theSept. 17 and 18. The conference awards banquet at the end of our proceedings on Sunday, Sept. 19 is also included. The four-day registration is $200. Daily registrations are available at $50 per day and include lunches.

100 group tickets each for three evening productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival have been secured for the conference. These include The Merchant of Venice (9/16), Hamlet (9/17), and 1Henry IV (9/18). The price of tickets for conference attendees is $65 per ticket for each play. Conference attendees may order up to two tickets per play. The Ashland Authorship Conference group ticket order for the OSF plays must be postmarked by August 20. Conference registrants who sign up after August 20 may order their tickets directly from the OSF box office (541-482-4331). These shows will very likely be sold out by late August, however, so ordering early is the only way to guarantee you will get theatre tickets.

Conference Registration:

Full Conference Registration – $200 per registrant

Daily Registration – $50/day (Days:_______)

Extra Awards Banquet Tickets – $35 per guest

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Play Tickets (max. – 2 tickets per play):

Merchant of Venice – 9/16 – $65/ticket

Hamlet – 9/17 – $65/ticket

1 Henry IV – 9/18 – $65/ticket

Total Enclosed:

On-line registrations via credit card will be available at the Shakespeare Fellowship and Shakespeare Oxford Society websites. Personal checks for conference registration and for payment of ticket orders should be made out to the Ashland Authorship Conference and mailed to:

SF/SOS Annual Conference:Ashland Authorship Conference, 7498 Upper Applegate Road, Jacksonville, OR 97530

Looney and the Jews

An interesting discussion titled J. Thomas Looney and the Jews appeared on the humanities. lit.authors. shakespeare Google discussion group last week in response to John Gross’ review of James Shapiro’s new book Contested Will. The Gross review, “Denying Shakespeare” appeared in the March 2010 issue of Commentary Magazine.

A long post by Lynne Kositsky, AKA “La Mouse”, enlightened Looney lambasters:

To my knowledge, it was no shame to be a Comte’s Positivist at the time. Many were, almost all of them Stratfordians. My feeling is that it is Shapiro’s way of trying to link Looney to Hitler, who was also a Positivist apparently, and to recall in our minds that the beliefs of Oxfordians have . . . been compared to those of Holocaust Deniers, a theory that as a Jewish Oxfordian I find highly distasteful.

Cossolotto on About.com

About.com guide Lee Jamieson spoke to Shakespeare Oxford Society Second Vice-president for Publications/Public Relations Matthew Cossolotto for an interview,  “Introducing the Shakespeare Authorship Debate” , published March 9, 2010.

Cossolotto said:

Partisans of the Stratford theory are fond of circular reasoning. “Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare” is a frequent refrain. But partisans of the Stratfordian theory deny even the possibility that “William Shakespeare” could have been a pseudonym. So they shut down the debate and close their minds instead of opening their minds – Maybe I’m naïve, but I always thought true scholarship required an open mind.

Update 3/18/10: Part II of Cossolotto interview.