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Feldman’s Hamlet Himself reissued

Shakespeare Controversy co-author Warren Hope recently reissued Dr. Bronson Feldman’s Hamlet Himself through iUniverse self-publishing company. The work is available in softcover or e-book form for $15.95/$9.99 at Amazon and  iUniverse:

Warren Hope talks about this tribute to Dr. Feldman’s memory:

Hamlet Himself is something of a neglected Oxfordian classic. It constitutes the most comprehensive of Dr. Bronson Feldman’s numerous analyses of Shakespeare’s plays. It combines the skill of a trained literary historian with the insights of a practicing psychoanalyst. The result is a survey of the life, friends, family, and times of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, as reflected in Shakspeare’s most autobiographical play.

The study first appeared in 1977, published at the author’s expense and in a format which, while it had its own quixotic charm, almost assured an extremely limited circulation. Beyond that, the format of the study meant that it would unlikely become part of the permanent collections of libraries. Technological improvements in both the printing industry and the methods of distributing books since the study’s first publication make it possible now to reissue the book in a format that is at once attractive and serviceable. The result should be a larger readership for the book and the chance for it to take its appropriate place on library shelves.

Feldman was the first American Oxfordian to earn a Ph.D. in Elizabethan literature by writing a dissertation on the influence of the Dutch wars on the Tudor drama under such traditional experts as Conyers Read, the biographer of both Burghley and Walsingham, at the University of Pennsylvania. Feldman by his writings earned the admiration and encouragement of such leading Oxfordians as Charles Wisner Barrell, Ruth Loyd Miller,and Father Francis Edwards. As a teacher at the Community College of Philadelphia, he introduced a number of people to J. Thomas Looney’s hypothesis and was for years the center of a small Oxfordian circle.

This reissue of his work is meant as a tribute to his memory.

Warren Hope

Hamlet Himself by Bronson Feldman is available online from Amazon and iUniverse at $15.95.