May 1st Event in New York City — Charles Beauclerk Discusses His New Book: Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom

Meet Charles Beauclerk (Earl of Burford), author of the new book Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom, and descendent of Edward de Vere, who many believe to be the man who wrote under the pen-name of William Shakespeare. As special guest of Ron Song Destro and the Oxford Shakespeare Company, Mr. Beauclerk will give a presentation on the subject and sign books at 5:30 pm May 1st as part of the Tribeca Film and Family Festival celebration in Lower Manhattan at 74 Warren Street at the Church Street School for Music and Art, which houses the OSC theatre.

Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom delves deep into the conflicts and personalities of Elizabethan England, as well as into the plays themselves to tell the true story of the “Soul of the Age.” To reserve a spot for this free event, please email 

The Oxford Shakespeare Company plans to build a Globe theatre center in Lower Manhattan.

Contact:  Ron Song Destro
director, Oxford Shake-speare Co/BOAR
74 Warren St, NYC 10007
Tel 917-627-2334
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