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Toronto Sun Interview With Roland Emmerich — “Emmerich Takes on Shakespeare”

Here’s a link to the Toronto Sun’s interview with Roland Emmerich. It’s a good interview. One quibble: The movie (and the Shakespeare authorship issue generally) is not really about taking on “Shakespeare.” It’s about seeking the truth about the author. This quest is not anti-Shakespeare in any sense. In fact it’s very much “pro-Shakespeare.” At […]

Let The Debate Begin! Dr William Leahy, Roland Emmerich, Charles Beauclerk, and Stanley Wells To Debate The Shakespeare Authorship Question In London on June 6th

Dr Bill Leahy debates Shakespeare authorship ahead of major film release 03 Jun 2011 Head of Brunel University’s School of Arts, Dr William Leahy, will challenge the accepted authorship of Shakespeare’s plays in a special debate alongside film director Roland Emmerich in central London next Monday [6 June]. The debate forms part of a wider scheme of events to […]

Christina Radish Interviews Screenwriter John Orloff About Roland Emmerich’s “Anonymous” — A Period Drama About The Shakespeare Authorship Mystery

Check out this interview with John Orloff, the screenwriter behind Roland Emmerich’s forthcoming film about the Shakespeare Authorship Mystery.  Note that the movie’s release date has been pushed back from March 2011 to September 23, 2011.   Here are a few paragraphs from the interview … followed by the link to read the entire article.  Enjoy!  Matthew ********** John Orloff […]

Oh Shakespeare, Shakespeare … Who Art Thou? Wikipedia article about Roland Emmerich’s forthcoming film Anonymous

Quote from Sir Derek Jacobi: “I’m on the side of those who do not believe that the man from Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the plays. I think the name was a pseudonym, certainly. [Anonymous] puts the authorship question firmly and squarely on the big screen. It’s a very risky thing to do, and obviously the orthodox Stratfordians are going to be apoplectic with rage.”

Ifans will play Oxford in Emmerich’s Anonymous

Empire reports today that Rhys Ifans, 41, — who was Hugh Grant’s bizarre roommate, Spike, in the 1999 movie Notting Hill — will play Edward de Vere as Shakespeare in Roland Emmerich’s new film about the Shakespearean authorship intrigue, Anonymous. In the Empire article, “Exclusive: Emmerich On Anonymous: Thewlis, Redgrave and Ifans Sign Up”, reporter Phil de […]

Hogg to play Robert Cecil in Emmerich’s Anonymous

Michael Symons of Hamilton Hodell Talent Management in London confirmed today that Royal Academy of Dramatic Art trained actor Edward Hogg will play Robert Cecil in Roland Emmerich’s “Anonymous” set to begin filming in late March this year in Berlin. “Anonymous” is set during the Essex Rebellion at the end of the long reign of Elizabeth […]

Emmerich casting now for March shoot

2012 director Roland Emmerich confirmed in an October 9 interview with Heather Newgen in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, that he is currently casting for a film about the Shakespeare authorship question (variously referred to as Anonymous and/or Soul of the Age) that he will begin to shoot March 22. Newgen: What is it about? Emmerich: It’s […]

PBS Distribution To Release LAST WILL. & TESTAMENT on DVD on October 15, 2013

“LAST WILL. & TESTAMENT”   WHO WROTE THE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE? THIS NEW FILM SEEKS TO UNCOVER THE TRUTH  Available on DVD from PBS Distribution October 15th  Arlington, Va. – September XX, 2013 – PBS Distribution today announced it is releasing LAST WILL. & TESTAMENT on DVD. The film explores one of the greatest literary […]

Required Reading! Diana Price, Author of Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Biography, Reviews Shakespeare Beyond Doubt Edited by Stanley Wells and Paul Edmondson

Everybody who is interested in the Shakespeare authorship question should read Diana Price’s entire review of Shakespeare Beyond Doubt.  I’m pasting below a long section from Diana Price’s review.  To read the entire review, please visit Diana’s website ( or click on this link: A long section of Diana Price’s review follows.  I encourage […]

Last Will and Testament — New Shakespeare Authorship Documentary Previews at Shakespeare’s Globe in London November 27, 2011

Shakespearean Authorship Trust Conference 2011 The Shakespearean Authorship Trust, in collaboration with Brunel University, hosts an advance screening of a major new authorship documentary, Last Will. & Testament at Shakespeare’s Globe on Sunday 27 November. At a time when the Shakespeare world is being rocked by the imminent appearance of Roland Emmerich’s feature film, […]