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Hannas 1990 article from SOS news

The late Dr. Andrew Hannas’ seminal article titled, “Beowulf, Hamlet and Edward de Vere” from the Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter, Spring 1990, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp 3-6 is available as a pdf file on the Shakespeare-Oxford Society website at:

The article begins:

While much has been justifiably made of the telling coincidence between the Ovidian qualitites of the works of ‘Shake-speare’ and Oxford’s years of tutelage with Arthur Golding during the same years when the latter’s translation of Metamorphoses appeared in print (1565-67), another tutorial connection between Oxford and a literary text carries equally remarkable implications. In 1563 Laurence Nowell entered the household of William Cecil for the primary purpose of tutoring the thirteen-year old Earl . . .

A Word document containing the pdf images of the Hannas article from the SOS website may be requested by sending an email to: linda.theil@gmail.com.