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Whittemore retort

Hank Whittemore has written a brilliant essay in “Reply to Critics of Those Who Study the Shakespeare Authorship . . .” on his Hank Whittemore’s Shakespeare Blog. On Friday, September 25, Whittemore said:

It’s tiresome to read the negative remarks about those of us who doubt the traditional view of Shakespeare authorship and who have concluded that Edward de Vere Earl of Oxford wrote the great works. For example, the latest one [from Alex Beam of the Boston Globe] asserts: “The search for the ‘real’ Shakespeare is a collective madness … “.

Read the entire essay at: http://hankwhittemore.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/a-reply-to-critics-of-those-who-study-the-shakespeare-authorship-and-a-challenge/

Boston Globe’s Alex Beam on The Shakespeare Truthers — that’s us!

The Boston Globe staff writer Alex Beam wrote a lively and well-informed indictment of the authorship controversy today in “The Shakespeare Truthers”.

Well, maybe he’s not well-informed in his opinion (in my opinion) but he gets the point — except when he gets to the “Shakespeare was Shakespeare” part.