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Concordia Conference April 8-11, 2010

Prof Daniel Wright, Ph.D
Director, The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre
Concordia University
Portland, OR 97211-6099



Although it may seem somewhat premature, I thought, as the conference agenda for April has been finalized and proposals /submissions are now closed, that I would share with you the 18 distinguished presenters who will be speaking .

This year, at the 14th Annual Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference, we will hear from:
Dr Bruce E. R. Thompson of the California State University at San Marcos;
D. Claudia Thompson of the University of Wyoming;
Dorna Bewley of Cambridge, England;
Dr Paul Nicholson, Executive Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival;
Prof Michael Delahoyde of Washington State University (Scholarship Award recipient);
Prof Ren Draya of Blackburn College in Illinois;
Stephanie Hughes, former Editor of The Oxfordian (Scholarship Award recipient);
Chris Coleman, Artistic Director of Portland Center Stage (Arts Award recipient);
Dr Peter McIntosh, a senior scientist of the Forest
Practices Authority in Hobart, Tasmania;
Dr Earl Showerman, retired physician from Jacksonville, Oregon;
Richard Whalen, author and editor from Truro, Massachusetts;
Prof Kevin Simpson of Concordia University;
Hank Whittemore, author and actor from Upper Nyack, New York;
Bonner Cutting, independent researcher from Houston, Texas;
Bill Boyle, editor and librarian from Boston, Massachusetts;
Krystal Rapp of Concordia University;
Luis Garcia, attorney;
Charles Boyle;
Kevin Gilvary;
Eddi Jolly;
and myself.

We also will feature several panels that will focus on Shakespeare and Politics – with particular attention to what the Shakespeare canon says about the Queen, royal government, and Elizabethan/Stuart politics in general. Additionally, we will see a film entitled The Marlowe Inquest. Tours of the new Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre will also be offered during the conference.

I hope to see all of you at the conference from April 8 -11, 2010 (the conference will convene at 7:00pm on Thursday, April 8 and close at 3:30 on Sunday, April 11). Registration for the four-day conference (inclusive of the always-stellar Saturday night awards banquet which will be celebrated in the SARC and George White Library on the Concordia campus) is $265. Checks should be made out to The Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference; they can be mailed to my attention at The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre, Concordia University, 2811 NE Holman, Portland, OR 97211-6099.

Prof Daniel Wright, Ph.D
Director, The Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre
Concordia University
Portland, OR 97211-6099

Daniel Wright announces Concordia conference awards

Stephanie Hopkins Hughes, retired editor of the SOS journal, The Oxfordian will receive the Concordia Conference Distinguished Scholarship award. Visit her blog, Politicworm.

From Dan Wright:

Friends, Regarding the April 8-11, 2010 conference, I would like, at this time, to announce the theme of the conference so that paper proposals / abstracts / bibliographies might be prepared and submitted in the next five months before the final deadline of 31 October. The 2010 conference theme will be “The Queen and / in Shakespeare”; papers should focus on significant observations of what likely are allusions to the Queen in the Shakespeare canon with an emphasis on our ability, with the application of sound literary critical tools, to determine their significance in order to assist us in identifying the relationship – if any – of the Crown, in the person of Elizabeth, to the writer who called himself / herself Shakespeare.

The conference’s annual awards, also, will be presented to the following recipients: Distinguished Achievements in the Arts: Chris Coleman; Artistic Director, Portland CentreStage

Distinguished Scholarship: Stephanie Hopkins Hughes; retired Editor, The Oxfordian

Dr Michael Delahoyde; Assistant Professor of English, Washington State University

Hoping, too, to see all of you in August for the annual Seminar on Shakespeare and Religion and (during the Seminar) for the ceremonies that will inaugurate the new multi-million dollar George White Library and Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre. This is the historic event – the establishment of a permanent academic home for the inquiry into the authorship of the Shakespeare canon – that Charlton Ogburn Jr told me he had hoped to live long enough to see; be sure that you are part of it! We’re barely two months away from the occasion! Register at http://www.authorshipstudies.org/institute/index.cfm