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Facebook, etc.

The Shakespeare Oxford Society Facebook page, set up by SOS board member Brian Bechtold in July, has been useful in reaching a wider audience. Every time we post a message to the blog, we also post a link to Facebook. That link shows up on the Facebook page of each of our Facebook fans and is broadcast to all of their contacts on Facebook.

That is why they call it “networking” and that is why it’s useful for those who are interested in the Shakespeare authorship question to join the SOS Facebook page and the new Shakespeare Authorship Coalition Facebook page created for SAC by Martin Hyatt, and Roger Stritmatter’s Oxfordian Friends.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the uses of Facebook and other social media can check out Nonprofit Tech 2.0: A social media guide for nonprofits. This blog features articles on all social media and how to use them to promote nonprofit organizations.

Yesterday’s blog entry at Nonprofit Tech 2.0, “Google’s Real-Time Search for Nonprofit Organizations”, began:

Many nonprofits still struggle with how to measure Social Media ROI and are not so clear on what exactly the benefits are of utilizing social media. An obvious benefit is about take front and center stage in a few days when Google launches their Real Time Search to the public. If your nonprofit is not utilizing social media, then the only content that will show up is what others are saying about your organization. Nonprofits that do utilize social media will have more control and will show up in real time results more often. . . .

For more information, visit the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 blog and sign up for their email newsletter that announces free webinar training sessions and links to new articles on the topic of social networking for nonprofit organizations.

SOS on Facebook

SOS board member and publications committee member Brian Bechtold opened the SOS Facebook page today at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shakespeare-Oxford-Society/96412830317?ref=nf.

He was assisted by Stuart Green and Julia Bechtold. Julia helped with initial building of the site and both assistants suggested items to be included.

“We are attempting to appeal to a younger, more Internet-savvy crowd,” Bechtold said. “We need to keep things happening on the site — news, discussions, answering questions,  leading readers to relevant sites — so they return to the SOS Facebook page on a regular basis, rather than becoming a fan and moving on to the next one.”

Those who are interested in working with Bechtold on ideas for keeping the SOS Facebook site interesting and relevant to users may contact him at: brian033@centurytel.net.

Visit the site today at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shakespeare-Oxford-Society/96412830317?ref=nf and become a FAN to help spread the word.