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Oxfordian Author Robert Brazil’s Childhood Friend, Jefferson Foote, Publishes Brazil’s Groundbreaking Book: Edward de Vere and The Shakespeare Printers

Here’s a link to an excellent post by Linda Theil on the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group site. The post includes a revealing interview with Jefferson Foote, Robert Brazil’s childhood friend who recently published Brazil’s book about Edward de Vere (the 17th Earl of Oxford) and the printers behind the Shakespeare works.

Click here to visit the Oberon Shakespeare Study Group site and read Linda Theil fascinating account of Jefferson Foote’s friendship with Brazil and his decision to publish his friend’s book posthumously.


The book is available for sale on Amazon.com.  Here’s the link:

Robert Brazil's Edward de Vere and the Shakespeare Printers

Edward DeVere and the Shakespeare Printers by Robert Sean Brazil:

You can search inside the book on Amazon, and I encourage you to do so.  In Chapter Two you can read almost 19 of Brazil’s 33 reasons to doubt the traditional Stratford attribution of the Shakespeare works.  Even that partial list is worth reading.  To get the whole list of 33, you’ll have to buy the book – which is worth doing.

Here’s just a taste of what Linda Theil writes in her excellent post:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jefferson Foote publishes Brazil — electronic version to follow soon
Robert Brazil’s childhood pal, Jefferson Foote, published Brazil’s book, Edward DeVere and the Shakespeare Printers, as an act of friendship. When Foote – a research scientist in Seattle, Washington – learned of Brazil’s death in 2010, he also learned of Brazil’s interest in the Shakespeare authorship question.

“I found out he had written this book and he had published it as a Kinko copy (in 1999),” Foote said in a telephone interview on January 8. “And I’m not prepared to let this slip away – it is his life’s work and I wanted to see it preserved.”

Although he had been long out of contact with Robert Brazil, Foote contacted Brazil’s brother, Tony Brazil, and received a copy of the contents of Brazil’s computer along with permission to publish Shakespeare Printers under the copyright of Brazil’s son and heir Jessie Brazil.

“I had no trouble at all getting approval from the brother and sons,” Foote said. “They were delighted that I picked that up.”

Foote also enlisted the aid of Robert Brazil’s friend, Lisa Duff — owner of the audio-book publishing firm, Wetware Media, LLC — who advised Foote on the publishing process. He used the Amazon print-on-demand company CreateSpace as printer of the volume and published under the name of his Seattle research firm, Cortical Output, LLC. The book was released on Brazil’s birthday, November 19, 2011, with all profits going to Brazil’s heirs: Jessie Brazil and David Brazil. “We want to keep the price moderate; their priority is to get the widest circulation,” Foote said.


Again, here’s the link to read the entire post by Linda Theil.


SOS newsletter out, editor sought

The December 2009 issue of the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter is being printed and will be mailed next week. This issue was delayed one month so that we could include coverage of the November 2009 Shakespeare Fellowship/Shakespeare Oxford Society Conference in Houston, Texas.

Highlights of this issue of the newsletter include:

  • SOS Vice-president Richard Joyrich’s extensive report on the Houston conference,
  • a fascinating article on “Rowe’s Shakespeare Biography” by Frank Davis
  • an article on “The Two Shakespeares” — the Stratford monument and the First Folio frontispiece – by SOS President John Hamill,
  • and a comprehensive financial report by SOS Treasurer Susan Grimes Width.

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The March 2010 issue of the newsletter is currently underway. Once the March issue is published, I will step down as the SOS newsletter editor in order to concentrate on administering the organization’s Internet news site in this space, the Shakespeare Oxford Society News Online. If you have any questions or comments about online coverage, please contact me: Linda Theil at <mailto:linda.theil@gmail.com>.

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Commentary on Post article

Click below for a transcript of the live discussion of the August 30 Washington Post article titled Waiting for William with reporter Sally Jenkins held at noon on Aug. 31, 2009.


Mark Anderson’s commentary on the Post article:

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