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Kamm’s anti-Eddy antics

Oliver Kamm’s anti-Eddy antics at the London Times Online assure Edward de Vere’s face and fame are spread ever more widely as the author of Shakespeare’s works. In a running commentary to Kamm’s latest foot-stomp “Great historical questions to which the answer is no 2” dated 28 January 2010, Kamm rebuked Heward Wilkinson for saying Strats and anti-Strats alike love Shakespeare, while informing Richard Malim that neither Malim nor any other anti-Strat  likes Shakespeare, either:

The sheer grubby irrationalism of this non-existent debate testifies to the point I’ve just made to your comrade: we don’t have a common passion for Shakespeare. To you and your comrades, the works are merely a vehicle to ransack – in a thoroughly amateurish manner – to buttress your belief in a conspiracy.

You gotta admit, the guy has a way with words and universal concepts. You go, Oliver!

Oliver Kamm at London Times

Authorship experts John Shahan and Ramon Jimenez go nose to nose with The Times of London columnist Oliver Kamm, a former investment banker and hedge fund co-founder who flippantly maligns anti-Stratfordians in his Sept. 7, 2009, column: “Great Historical Questions to Which the Answer is No” at: http://timesonline.typepad.com/oliver_kamm/2009/09/great-historical-questions-to-which-the-answer-is-no.html

Kamm appears to think he has solved the problem because as The Times wordmaster writes:

As this argument has never satisfactorily come to terms with the troubling circumstance that the man was dead when the plays were written, it may safely be described as a crank notion. It’s liitle wonder that its originator was a Gateshead schoolmaster in the 1920s called J. Thomas Looney.

Stay tuned, ’cause Jimenez is just the guy to explain to Kamm that dating the plays is a double-edged sword for Stratfordians.