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Hogg in Anonymous?

RADA grad Edward Hogg

Yesterday Matt Goldberg at Collider.com reported a rumor that Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts graduate and Shakespearean actor Edward Hogg, 30, will perform in Roland Emmerich’s Shakespeare authorship film, Anonymous. Emmerich has said the film will be set during the Essex rebellion and will portray Edward de Vere as the secret author of Shakespeare’s works. Although Hogg’s character has not been named, he is too young to play Oxford at the turn of the century — but his dark beauty might suggest Southampton, or maybe Essex? Goldberg reports that Emmerich plans to begin shooting in March at Babelsberg Studios in Berlin.

Michael Symons of Hogg’s London management firm, Hamilton Hodell, said he can’t give information confirming the rumor, but he will keep us informed of future developments.