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Stephanie Hughes comments on Dartmouth datamining study

Stephanie Huges came across the work of three Dartmouth student: Oleg Seletsky, Tiger Huang, and William Henderson-Frost,  who wrote a paper titled, “The Shakespeare Authorship Question” in December 2007. They used modern text analysis and datamining techniques to analyize the work of Shakespeare and compare it to leading authorship candidates. They concluded:

In short, our research leads us to believe that out of the suspects, Edward de Vere is the only candidate who shows serious potential. After noticing that Edward de Vere also holds the most followers currently ascribing to the non-Shakespeare philosophy, the authors of this paper are very doubtful that Shakespeare did in fact write his plays.

Stephanie said:

I thought I’d pass along something I just found on the Internet. Not having been on any lists lately or done much reading outside my own research, for all I know you may know about it already, since it’s from 2007. But I can’t help sharing it anyway. I should think this would have sent up some red flags somewhere. Just a student project, but hey, good news for us, and good news that some academics are interested.  Also good news that it appears to have been totally without bias.

Study URL: http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~datamining/Final.pdf