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De Vere Code by J. Bond out this month

Publicist Caroline Ratner said a new book titled The De Vere Code by actor Jonathan Bond has been published in the UK. “(The De Vere Code is) the first book published by a new publishing house called Real Press which is part of the Real Group,” Ratner said. Her press release about The De Vere Code says:

Shakespearean actor, Jonathan Bond who studied Philosophy and Mathematical Logic at University College, London and Jesus College, Cambridge has discovered evidential proof from examination of the dedication to the first edition of the Sonnets in 1609 and fragmentary evidence that suggests it is an elaborate word puzzle. Numerous books and scholarly papers have previously suggested, without evidence that Edward De Vere was the real author of some of Shakespeare’s works but for the first time The De Vere Code presents conclusive proof that Edward De Vere, not Shakespeare was the author of the Sonnets.

The book is available from the publisher at: http://www.deverecode.com/dvchome.html